mai (zing_boom) wrote,

incidental desire.

"Today the desire for justice is multitudinous. This is to say that struggles against injustice, struggles for survival, for self-respect, for human rights, should never be considered merely in terms of their immediate demands, their organizations, or their historical consequences. They cannot be reduced to 'movements.' A movement describes a mass of people collectively moving towards a definite goal, which they either achieve or fail to achieve. Yet, such description ignores, or does not take into account, the countless personal choices, encounters, illuminations, sacrifices, new desires, griefs and finally, memories, which the movement brought about, but which are, in the strict sense, incidental to the movement.

The promise of a movement is its future victory; whereas the promises of incidental moments are instantaneous. Such moments include, life enhancingly or tragically, experiences of freedom in action.
(Freedom without action does not exist). Such moments-- as no historical 'outcome' can ever be-- are transcendental, are what Spinoza termed eternal, and they are as multitudinous as the stars in the expanding universe."

- john berger, hold everything dear
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