mai (zing_boom) wrote,

the moon is down.

another move on the horizon. my body knows it, though it's different this time. i'm moving from light yellow to paradise blue, though my body has encountered its redness. red, like the desert, like canyons, like night-temperature clay sunk into the earth.

i am the woman in the desert i always write about. painting, building, working my hands rough beneath the sky. my long hair, in a loose pony-tail that snakes along my back. wearing jeans, baggy and soiled with paint, rolled just above my ankle; feet darkened brown from the sun.

and though she's grown through me, today i can't help but feel like i am entirely earthquake. shock, tension, friction, heat that is angry. i feel it in my spine, and am afraid i will be crooked forever. how i surprise myself by my own danger. the crazed fury that can ignite from my heart.

how does one retrain its rhythms and flows? i want to love better, deeper, harder. without fear. and as much as i say this, and intend it, the guards still come stomping out.
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such beauty in every word that punctuates your feelings so deeply. It's interesting to realize one's own guards and how they function. But at least you know that they're there. Love you cuz. Miss you!
you are an excavator of internet gems.